Sunday, 21 December 2014

I Have a lot to Learn

"Believe" is the theme of our Christmas celebration this year... since we have a 10 year old in the house now!  

I just finished this table topper yesterday.  I bought the pattern earlier this year and decided to use fabric I had on hand.  Some of the fabric was not great quality so there is a bit of a curve in the overall shape - that was disappointing but overall I am happy with it.  I like doing applique with fusible webbing and using the blanket stitch on my machine.  Piecing was a little trickier than I anticipated and therefore the edges of the quilt were crooked.  I used gold-coloured thread for the applique and quilting and I like the look of that.  I found some tartan fabric the other day at my local quilt shop, buying it without a project in mind, but it was a perfect match to this fabric so I used it for the backing and binding.  

I started this log cabin quilt last year and I learned a lot from this particular project.
1.  Always plan fabric selection to fit the pattern.  I bought this set of fabric on a whim and was just itching to use it on something simple... once I got into it though, I noticed that I didn't plan enough contrast but I wasn't going to stop.  Ha!
2.  Use CONTRASTING fabric!  I like all of the patterns but once they are together, they get lost.
3.  Make a quilt that has a useful size.  This quilt is too small to be a throw but has a weird size for a table-topper.  It covers an old dresser right now.
One good thing is that I finished it.  Even when I didn't like it, I kept going.  


  1. Both of your finishes are very lovely! Congratulations! Love the table runner, especially. I enjoyed reading about your experiences during the making of these two projects. Nice work! Happy New Year!

  2. Fabric choice continues to be a challenge for me, but it's an area I hope to be able to grow in. Both your quilts are lovely, I especially like your table runner!

  3. We all have a lot to learn! But that is really the whole point. Make a quilt, learn by it and improve on the next one. Color choice and working with different values is a challenge for me as well-Isomething that I continue to work on. Happy New Year!!

  4. Very nice. I love the bright colors on both.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics and it turned out better than I think you think it did (does that make sense?). Every project teaches us something. So glad that you found a spot for it where you can enjoy seeing the fruits of your labour.