Friday, 23 January 2015

A Wall Hanging With a Story

This project has a story.  Well two stories actually but one is much more interesting than the other.  

I saw this piece of fabric in a cute little quilt shop in Huntsville, Ontario.  We were at a hockey tournament for the weekend and "the girls" decided to do a bit of shopping in between games.  Huntsville is a very nice town with quite a few shops geared towards visitors.  I stepped inside the store and told the others I would meet up with them later... I love looking at fabric, patterns, samples... I didn't need anymore projects but couldn't resist this panel.  I found some coordinating fabric (the shopkeeper told me they had sold quite a bit of it already so I didn't have very much to choose from) to sew a border around it - it wouldn't take up much time at all.

I started the project one evening, when I was much too tired to even think straight, and low and behold my rotary cutter went wonky and I cut my finger pretty badly.  This shows what it looked like a few days later.  There was blood everywhere, which took two washings to remove from the panel and I was stunned.  Looking at it now, I am pretty sure I will be reminded of this forever since there will be a scar.

I got right back to it a few days later and finished it up this afternoon.

The binding is black but the fabric was really weird.  After cutting the binding, there were remnants all over my cutting mat.

I added a sleeve before I put the binding on.  I don't make many wall hangings but have made a few and this was the first time I remembered to add a sleeve while attaching the binding.  I will hand stitch the bottom of the sleeve to the quilt before it goes up on my son's wall in his room.

Ta Da!  I trudged through a bit of snow and ice to take this photo but it was worth it for the better lighting.  I like it and Alex, my son, loves it!

Today I am so happy to have a project (or two actually... see below) to share on
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  1. Oh I hope your finger is okay. I have quite a few little boy hockey fans around here that would love that wall hanging!

  2. Oh, your poor finger! Those rotary cutters are not to be messed with, for sure. :) The wallhanging looks great - yay for a fast finish!

  3. That's a great ice hockey quilt. But living down here in New Zealand, we have no ice hockey, no ice, and not much snow either, particularly in the North Island where I live.
    Rugby is the main winter sport here. Have you heard of our National team - the All Blacks? Perhaps not.
    I cut through my finger nail the other day, that was an ouch moment too. Not as bad as yours though, by your photo.

  4. I love this quilt and panel...where did you buy it in Ontario? My 9 year old grandson plays on a traveling team in Calgary!

  5. What a beautiful wall hanging! So Canadian, Eh?!!! Sorry to see you cut your finger so badly. Hope it heals up quick. Happy Valentine's Day!