Thursday, 29 January 2015

Social Media is My Problem

Do you find social media gets in the way of some real productivity?
I do. 
But I can't give it up. 
I love the inspiration I get from all the online forums I have connected with but oh boy, I can get caught in the hoopla. 
Bloglovin, blogger dashboard, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook...
So what do I do?

Put my iPad away...just as soon as I go through my Pinterest feed. 



  1. Not only is social media a huge time eater for me, it sometimes leave me feeling highly inadequate after seeing all the beautiful work everyone is doing. I have to remind myself that my quilting journey is just that - my journey, not a contest to see who can make the most, the fastest, the prettiest.

    I'm going to sew some more today, just as soon as I catch up on all my blog reading!! :)

    1. Good point. Thanks for reminding me... Happy sewing!