Friday, 29 May 2015

It's Been Fun But It's Done!

From this...

to this...

and finally to this!  Ahhhhhh it's a big finish for me!

The first twin quilt in the order I have signed up for is made... and I truly loved every minute of it!

Quilt Stats:

Pattern:  Framed by Camille Roskelley

Fabric:  Fancy by Moda

Fabric purchased from:  Mad About Patchwork (Stittsville, Ontario)

Size:  Twin bed size

My thoughts:  The pattern (found in the book "Simply Retro by Camelle Roskelley) was very easy to follow.  The whole book is eye candy and the patterns are suited well to someone like me who needs simplicity from a pattern... then I can work the way I think is best but the main idea is clear.  I had to adjust the size of the quilt so it would fit a twin sized bed but that was very easy because the quilt is made up of blocks with sashing throughout.  I just made a couple more rows of blocks and sashing.  Easy peasy.  The other thing I loved about the pattern is it was described in terms of using pre-cut fabric and this was a layer cake cut into a few pieces and a lot of beautiful white fabric to coordinate.

I will be sharing this quilt in our local quilt show (Arnprior District Quilters Guild) next weekend and then it will travel to it's owner.

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Quilting a Twin-Sized Quilt

Before I start this blog post, let me explain my life right now.  As the name of my blog suggests, I am a farmhouse quilter.  My family and I live in a beautiful, stone house on our farm.  This farm was settled in the middle 1800s by my husband's family and the "McGregor's" have been here ever since. 

 Today our farm is still in full operation.  We are a large family farm operation, growing and selling fruits and vegetables; our main crops being strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, green and yellow beans and tomatoes.  The spring is very, very busy for us and I take on the responsibilities of staffing (25 sales staff), marketing and selling our produce at one of the farmers' markets we attend.  That being said, my quilting habit takes a back seat for a few months... we also have three very busy children!

I am working on a special quilting project these days that I need to find time for and this post is about just one of those quilts.

I have had this quilt top finished for a couple of weeks now.  Piecing is very rewarding and my favourite part but the next step (and a very important one if I actually want to finish something big) is more tedious and difficult.

BASTING is frustrating and time-consuming... 
I did some research to find the best way (from other quilters) and set aside some time the other day to just get it done.  
I made a big area available in my living room; got out my exercise weights and put my batting down as flat as I could.  The weights held it in place nicely.

I then proceeded to lay my pieced top as smoothly as I could on top of the batting.  Then placed my weights on top again.

I gently flipped it over and placed the backing on top, very smoothly.  I put the weights back on the corners.  Again, I pulled back each end and spray basted the entire thing, hoping and praying that the quilt top was being completely covered.  I did check to make sure!

It was then ready for the sewing machine!  I started out sewing on my sewing desk but found that the quilt was being pulled down to the floor and driving me crazy!

I decided to move my machine into the kitchen and work on my kitchen table, which really helped keep my quilt up and easy to move around.  This looks like a mess but it was a controlled mess!  

I didn't get it finished by supper time so I had to move it all but pulled it back out after the kids went to bed.  Things went very smoothly until I was not paying attention (chatting with husband) and had to pull out some of the quilting due to overlapping fabric (grrr) but quickly finished it up after that.  

I am very, very pleased with how it turned out.  I used the free-motion feature on my  machine to make just a meandering pattern throughout the quilt.  I did my best to go from the centre outward and was very happy with how my basting turned out so my quilting went very well.  I used a white aurifil thread, which I love the look of that on this quilt.

My plan is to get the binding on this week so I can put this quilt in a local quilt show in early June.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Kona Pastel Jelly Roll BABY QUILT

Every word in this blog post title is a great word!  I love all of those things and especially have a new-found love of pre-cuts such as jelly rolls, I am into Kona solids right now and pastels are precious.  I have baby nieces and nephews coming out of my ears right now and it is awesome!  My husband and I have 3 children but our youngest is 6 years old - certainly not a baby anymore so having new little ones to love in our family is really special.  I love making baby quilts for quite a few reasons; one being that they can be a quick project and secondly that they are always loved.  When we had our first baby (almost 11 years ago) we received quite a few baby quilts and I love them all.  I started quilting when we had our second child and then made a few of my own baby quilts.  We were also on the receiving end of a very precious baby quilt, a premie quilt, when we had our third child.  She wasn't a premie but she did spend some time in the neonatal unit in Ottawa and every baby that stayed there got one to keep.

My most recent project was for our newest nephew, Harvey.  I bought a Kona pastel jelly roll knowing that I wanted to make something clean and light.  Once he arrived, I took out the pinks, leaving a few yellows and all of the blues and greens.  I have enough left to make a quilt for a baby girl.

I found this jelly roll pattern on Pinterest, sketched it out and quickly got to work.  I kept the strips in their rainbow effect, cut the two large strips out and turned the middle strip upside down.  It turned out better than I had hoped!  I added a flannel backing (which I like to use for baby quilts) and quilted it with simple waves, free-motion.

Unfortunately the next two photos are not as clear as I would like but it's too late to re-do them - the quilt is gone to it's owner!  Oh well... lesson learned to look at the photo before I send the quilt away OR get my eyes checked.

I enjoy free-motion quilting.  I wanted the quilt to have a water/ocean feel to it and didn't want the quilting to be too tight.  It didn't take long to get this quilted.  Sometimes simple is better.

Today I am linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for her "Finish It Up Friday"!