Saturday, 3 October 2015

It's Our Birthday Boy

Happy 9th Birthday to Alex today!

He loves playing hockey.

 He is such an awesome kid!  

He quickly made it to the top of this rock-climbing wall at the Renfrew Fair.

Jean and Alex love playing together - they are actually very close -  they
are bad influences on each other!  Jean acts like the little brother he never had... sometimes!

Ian and Alex have had some great opportunities together and going to
watch the Ottawa Senators play is always a highlight.

It's moments like these that the big kid starts showing through.

Our boy is growing up way too fast, right before our eyes...luckily there are still glimpses of that little boy but more and more we see the big kid creeping through.  
He is our boy between two sisters but he is a great brother to them.  
He is a kind, caring person; always looking out for others.  We are very, very proud of him.


  1. Happy Birthday, Alex. My nephew will be 16 this month. Where does the time go????

    1. Time goes by way too fast. Our kids are becoming more independent all the time and as much as I like that, it is bittersweet.