Thursday, 25 February 2016

Snow Day Sewing

My sewing machine sits out all the time.  Much of the time it's just part of the furniture and the kids just play around it.  These past couple days have been different though.  Here in eastern Ontario, we are in the "throws" of winter.  It seems very delayed considering it is the end of February and we really haven't had much of a deep winter as we normally do but here it is and as a result, we have had two snow days in a row.  Thus my sewing machine is working hard.

My youngest daughter, 7 years old, wanted to sew this week.  She received this cute box as a birthday gift.  We pulled out all the supplies, read the instructions (some of the worst instructions I have ever read) and went to work.  A few minutes of trying to hand sew and she was done.  I suggested we try the sewing machine because it would be easier and fast... she was game.  Now don't get me wrong, I do think my children need to learn to hand sew but that is for another day and maybe when her little hands are a little more coordinated.

My Pfaff machine is fairly easy to use and before we knew it, she was done!

She made a cute little drawstring bag and has been toting it around ever since!  There are actually quite a few great concepts when learning to make a drawstring bag including sewing with it inside-out and then turning it to the right side... voila!  Also creating a tube for a string and pulling it through with a safety pin was something she found very interesting.  I must do this again with her!

My oldest daughter, 11 years old, is more comfortable with sewing and can sit down at my machine, on her own, and create.  This has come from having many opportunities to learn, cut and sew.  She has had this pile of squares ready to make a rag quilt for quite some time so in the last two days she has made some progress.  Rag quilts are a really good way to learn to sew because they are forgiving (being exact is not necessary) and once complete, they are so nice.  This is her second rag quilt.

Honestly her favourite sewing activity is making quick projects.  We have a few books geared to children's sewing projects and she loves making these little bows.  She made two just this afternoon - one for her and one for her sister. The books we own that specialize in projects for young people are very easy to follow and I find myself looking to those books just to learn. 

Snow days are not always easy.  I work from home so having the kids around can be very stressful, hectic and loud but the best part is that it encourages boredom and therefore they are looking for something to do.  Their time on their devices is limited so when they aren't running around the house they are looking for something creative to do... and I highly encourage that!

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