Monday, 28 March 2016

Just a Little of Everything This March Break

This year I was in the mood for a quiet March Break.  We had been travelling quite a bit this winter and I just felt like staying at home, planning some last minute activities and not packing my suitcase. 
It did not turn out as planned but it was better.  
A ride out to the bush is always fun on the back of the truck.
Aunt Margy is reminiscing about when she was a girl growing up here
 and when her own dad was making maple syrup.
 This year we tapped a few trees after taking a break for a few years.  In the past, Ian has tapped many, many trees and made quite a bit of maple syrup.  He found that he would still be finishing up syrup season when he should be working on machinery to get ready for spring planting.  As a result, we had no maple syrup from our own trees for a few years and I understood why but I missed it nonetheless.  This winter I convinced him to just tap a few trees, maybe 40, and just do a little bit for ourselves.  It's hard not to have hundreds of taps when there are so many trees around but we needed it to be manageable so that he wouldn't be over-run with sap.  I love having our own syrup but what I really love is a good reason to spend time outside, in the bush, when winter is disappearing and the sun is getting warmer.  We have had a few visitors out to our bush to which is always a lot of fun including Aunt Margy and Uncle Mark; we had them over for a dinner party at the beginning of March Break. 
At the beginning of the week, the kids and I went on a road trip to St. Anne de la Parade in Quebec with some friends.  Four moms and twelve kids for two nights in a beautiful, old, country home.

Doesn't everyone take a photo in Costco with their kids? 
We were actually mistaken for a class on a school trip!

We love spending time together and this was one of the rare moments we had of peace and quiet.
Photo Credit:  Gemma Robillard
Once we got home, we hosted a small St. Patrick's Day dinner party and the rest of the week was filled with playdates, shopping, sleepovers, birthday parties, and crafting.

The girls love making videos and they have a "fake" YouTube channel where
they talk about all sorts of things: fashion, hair, crafts etc. 
March Break provides time for them to do all things fun!

Thankfully no one has taken my photo with my new toy but during March Break
my new treadmill was delivered to me and Ian took a few hours to put it altogether.

I did find a little bit of time for finishing up a small sewing project but our week was jam-packed and filled with fun.  There are times I worry we are too busy and sometimes we are but I have to step back and be VERY thankful to be blessed with so many friends and family members that include us in their life.  Making connections and memories is what is important and we had a very memorable week!


  1. This is one of my favourite posts you have done Deb. Fills my heart right to the brim!

  2. Sounds like it was a great time. Good luck with the maple syrup.