Wednesday, 9 March 2016

On Being A Maker

Over the passed few years I have heard, quite a few times, "I would love to learn to sew."; "Can you teach me to sew?", "I own a sewing machine but I don't know how to use it."...

Many of my friends, in my generation, either did not learn to sew or learned a long time ago in home-ec class but it didn't stick with them.  Quite honestly the idea of home-making was not a focus or even encouraged very much in my generation's time.  We graduated high school and went on to post-secondary education in the hopes of having a successful career while raising a beautiful family of our own.  I believe this is what is called HAVING IT ALL! 

Do you want to know a secret? 

All through my teenage years and early adulthood, I struggled with what I wanted to do with my life.  I was an intelligent person, earned fairly good grades, was highly encouraged to attend university and to have a good career making a good income.  My parents did not live an easy life while they raised a family so they just wanted what they thought was best for us and quite honestly, I agreed with them. 

In the back of my mind though, if I really thought about it, I didn't really want that "typical career".  I dreamed of raising a family, living on a farm and being at home working.  I was always "crafting" and loved the home-making arts of sewing, painting, cooking, preserving and gardening.  I was fortunate enough to marry someone who wanted to farm and we made it a priority to live on one farming income so I could be at home raising our children.  I have always had a large collection of crafting supplies, I learned how to preserve from family and friends and then on my own.  I own two sewing machines and have made many items for my family over the years.  Often I hear people say "How do you find the time?"  "You are always making something!".  My internal response to that is that I make the time.  I have to.  I have no choice because if I didn't make the time to create and make, then I would be a very unhappy person. 

Today I was reminded of those choices my husband and I made.  Our generation is working hard, playing hard and living a very busy life.  Sometimes I wonder if we, as a generation, are missing something.  Most of the time it's less expensive to buy something already made than to make it ourselves but we miss the satisfaction of creating and making and we also lose control over what we get.  I love that when I make something I know what went into it; ingredients, materials, time and above all, the love for what I am doing.  I made that baby quilt from love.  I made that jam because I love to make jam.  I painted that room because.... okay now I am getting carried away... I do not like painting rooms but I do it for other reasons!

I am going to make it a goal of mine to teach more.  I want to provide opportunities for others to learn some of what I already know about being a maker.  Do you have a desire to make anything?  Do you wish you knew how to sew or how to preserve fruit?  If you do and you think I can help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I have a few ideas in the works!


  1. This is a great post Deb! I totally agree, you have to make the time and if it's something you love to do then it's worth it. You should definitely combine your teaching and making talents and teach others!

  2. Love this post! This generation is missing alot. I love making things and have for many years :) It is amazing how much it affects my mood if I do not get my creative time.