Friday, 3 June 2016

Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover

True story... we picked shamrock green for our bedroom colour 14 years ago.  Why?  Well, first, we did not realize that it would be so shamrock-like.  Second, bold colours were stylish back then.  Lastly, we did not know what we were doing and how long it would actually take.  Yup.  We were newbies at living in a big, old home that we would have to take care of all by ourselves.  Pretty much as soon as we were done, we did not like it.  Skip ahead many years and I found myself devoting some time to making a big change. 
I don't really like home renovations.  I don't like the process of painting and it isn't easy in our century home.  Many of the rooms are still made of lath and plaster so the walls are wonky, pitted and filled with cracks.  Our bedroom is quite large with it's own staircase so it was daunting but once I devoted some serious time to it, I started to see some progress.  There was no going back.  I listened to my favourite podcasts during the day and actually enjoyed myself. 
I started with the staircase which was the most difficult and tedious.

Not only did I have to paint walls but cupboard doors as well. 
I don't know how long these hooks have been here but they are useful.

The quilt hanging is one of my baby quilts... almost 39 years old.

Handprint art we made in 2012.

I am so happy with the colour... it is bright but still cozy.  I bought some fabric to make new pillow shams and possibly a few other accent pieces.  My plan is to paint the side tables next fall but overall I like the look I achieved.  We are no-fuss people, our bedroom is generally a catch-all for laundry and kids.  The kids think our bed is perfect for running and jumping on and Ian is not known for putting his things away so I wanted the whole thing to feel simple and easy to maintain. 

Note:  The quilt folded on our bed was a gift from Ian's Grandma McGregor.  She made it many years ago and we love having it in our room. 

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  1. What an improvement! I bet you will sleep better in the room now that it seems less like a jungle!