Monday, 21 November 2016

The Quilt That Just Kept on Giving

This is the quilt that has been hanging around for a while... it's not one of my longest projects but it is one that I started, still loved but never quite got to finishing it until this fall.  I loved the fabric.  I think it was the first jelly roll I bought (those of you in the quilting world know what this means; those of you who are not, well it's not food but just as sweet and tempting as it sounds). 
Anyways, I quickly pieced the top of the quilt.  Then it sat for a while.  I wanted it to be much larger (it's a bed quilt for my oldest daughter) so I added borders.  Then I added more borders.  Oh boy... it then started to become a bit tedious.  


 Then it sat for even longer, folded up on top of everything but then new fabric started piling up on top of it.  THEN Grace started wondering when was I ever going to finish her quilt  I began to worry that she might even hate the colours by the time it made it to her room finished. 


 I love quick projects so I took some of the leftover fabric and made a table runner for her dresser and two pillowcases to match.  Still no quilt for her bed though. 

So finally I made a date with my living room floor and sandwiched the quilt (again the relationship to food... imagine a fabric sandwich... backing fabric, quilt batting and then the pieced quilt top... makes sense?)  There was no turning back once I started this process because eventually there would be people home that would be stepping all over it so I got down on my hands and knees and got it done!!  Phew.  Folded it up and set it aside... again.
 I blogged about my recent quilt retreat (read about it here) and first on my quilting agenda was to finish this quilt.  Seriously.  No other quilting was going to be done until this quilt was "quilted" and then binding attached.    Initially I was having some trouble with my sewing machine and free-motion quilting but luckily there just happened to be some "experts" close by so once I figured out the mistakes I was making, I was on my way.  Wine by my side (in a non-spill cup of course) and I was done before I knew it. 

I was so happy with the finished product.  I don't think it would have been as nice if I finished it... well... way back when I bought the fabric.  This one was a labour of love and learning.

I apologize for the poor quality of these photographs but I needed help so two held it up for me (with some pizazz of course) and one was behind the camera.  The sun was setting so the lighting was strange as well.  This goes down in the books as a funny memory!


  1. I love that line of fabric - I used it for a throw quilt for our house. I'm sure your daughter is so happy with her new quilt. Those girls make beautiful quilt holders!! :) Yay for a finish!

  2. I look at those months between a top finish and quilted as the time the quilt speaks to me. What does it want? At least that mindset alleviates some of the quilt. I get you when you say other projects came in between, but this is a gorgeous quilt, and worth the wait. You taught patience! Hope she enjoys it as much as I did watching the journey.