Tuesday, 27 December 2016

There is nothing quite like time to make you think.  Even though Christmas holidays are still a busy time with dinner parties and events, the routine is different.  There are more moments of reflection and connection with those close to us. 

I have honestly been feeling like our life is a blur at times.  We have had a few more things thrown our way lately so I have mostly been just trying to keep the wheels from falling off... and a few times they almost did.  I am finding myself reminiscing and missing the times when our children were very young.  I know this is clich√©, but life was so much more simple then.  Issues were small and easy to manage.  I lacked sleep (of which was not easy for us because we love our sleep) but I could function and felt mostly confident... now I don't feel nearly as strong.  We are heading into unknown waters of parenting and I just hope and pray our boat stays upright. 

One lesson I am learning is to trust my own judgement, my husband's and children's judgement.  They are the most important people in my life... everyone else will come and go but they need to trust me and know I will always be here for them.  Sometimes I get all caught up and forget that. 

I want to step into 2017 with a much more clear focus... take the good with the bad.  Know that life is not always easy but it is good.  Trust God that he has a plan for me and that I can turn to him when I don't know what to do or say.  Teach those same things to our children.  I want to relax a little more and try not to overeact as much.  Make room for those really important to me and not worry about all of the rest... I have a very full life so now is not the time to be spreading myself too thin.  From this, I feel a sense of calm come over me.  I have so many other goals for 2017 but this needs to remain the big picture... I am turning 40 this year but I don't want that to be my focus for change.  I hope to change and tweak a few things so I feel better about myself and who I am but mostly I just want to accept who I am, who we are as a family and know that I can trust in myself. 

How about that for New Years Resolutions? 
This photo was taken a few years ago but gives me a nice warm feeling.

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