Monday, 6 February 2017

My Quilty Christmas

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed one of my recent projects... Quilty Christmas; pattern by Lori Holt (Bee in My Bonnet).  Last year a friend and I noticed some of the quilt blocks and then the whole quilt on instagram and pinterest and we were curious about it because it was so cute.  We searched online and could not find the pattern anywhere so I emailed a few quilters I follow that I knew made the blocks and one of those quilters emailed us her collection of all of the instructions that were posted on instragram.  The designer, Lori Holt, would post instructions on instagram as a "quilt-along" to follow in real time.  There was no book or pattern printed to purchase but this wonderful fellow quilter gladly shared her collection of instructions with us.  Go and visit her blog, Thistle Thicket Studio or follow her in instagram, like I do.  My friend and I were so happy that she shared with us so I dedicate this blog to her! 

Some of the block instructions were in the book "Quilty Fun", by Lori Holt, but with a little changes to make the blocks more "Christmasy".  I purchased the book and I love it because it is filled with so many other fun block patterns and ideas to use with the blocks.  Her quilts are eye candy to me...
I have a large collections of scraps so I really wanted to create my quilt using what I had but I ended up buying some fat quarters to help me along and keep the colours looking "put together".  In the end, my quilt is scrappy but has quite a few fabrics the same throughout.  I used a lot of the collection "Cookie Exchange" by Moda

I enjoyed the process, most oft he time.  My biggest complaint would be that for all of the cutting and piecing involved, I wished the blocks were bigger.  I would cut and sew and press and curse... and then the block would come out super small.  I wish I had thought ahead to make more of the blocks bigger then I would have had a bigger quilt in the end without much more effort.  The mittens block was the most difficult for me.  I must have made it 5 times.... and in the end I just kept the two "right-hand mittens" and moved on to the next block.  **Note:  I don't think they were actually too difficult; I must have been preoccupied with something else... like... preparing for Christmas!

I had the quilt top done for Christmas so I hung it on the wall without the border and binding.

Once the kids were back in school, I finished the whole quilt, folded it up and put it away... I know I will be happy to see it next December!  I am so proud of it and I learned A LOT.  I want to also thank Shari (my friend who was also sewing blocks of her own) for keeping me motivated with our own "quilt-along".  Sometimes that's all we quilters need to finish something amazing!