Monday, 16 October 2017

Cultivating Creativity

Mondays can be a fresh start... it's a nice feeling.  
My mood isn't in the best place today but I had some goals for the day and have completed most of them plus I made a point to sit down a sew.  I found an easy quilt pattern on pinterest and decided to use a pretty collection of fabric.  It makes me happy to use fabric I bought for no particular reason but that I loved it.  

While I sew or make jam, I LOVE to listen to podcasts.  Today I felt like some inspiration and guidance... I need it these days... so Brene Brown and Oprah filled my space and it was very uplifting.  By the end, I was in tears, but good tears.

I am on a journey.  It's a super scary journey.  I am putting myself out there in ways I haven't before but by taking baby steps hopefully I can reclaim some happiness.  I am also trying to breath in some goodness that will help clear my cold and build my immunity.  I feel like my summer sickness is still lingering.  It needs to take a hike and go far, far away from my home and family... we are DONE with being sick!

Anyways, I will share my completed quilts soon - I feel like I am on a roll right now!  My creative juices are flowing again and I really missed that.  By the way, Brene Brown mentions "cultivating our creativity" and it stuck a chord with me.  I have been missing taking the time for myself to be creative.

Onward and upward.


  1. Reading your blog has helped motivate me Deb! It certainly feels good to be doing something concrete and physical where you can see what you've accomplished. I hope to have some time to sew for myself one day soon. Also, I had a clip of Oprah and Brene Brown emailed to me (as a Mompreneurs Motivational Monday email) that I was about to delete but now I'll read it.

    1. I LOVE Brene Brown...she is so smart and I love her accent!